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Villa Reale

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Villa Reale

Villa Reale - milan Built by the Austrian architect Leopoldo Pollack around 1790 for the noble count of Belgioioso Lodovico Barbiano the Villa Reale it is situated in By palestro to the height of the number 16 in proximity of the Street Marina. It constitutes an evident testimony of the past of the Milanese neoclassic period.

During the stay in italia, Napoleone Bonaparte lived in the Villa Reale , subsequently they also found abode Eugene Beauharnais and the general Radetzky.

Some inside rooms are furnished with frescos, sculptures, furniture, candelabra that remembering the ladylike furnishing lombardo of the neoclassic age. The back area of the real Villa is formed from columns and pillars above a plinth to 'bugnato', while a beautiful garden to the English revives the environmental context.

From 1928 town ownership is become. Currently some places entertain the Gallery of modern art. And' known by the Milaneses because in some of the inside rooms the civil marriages are celebrated. The Villa Reale in Milan has also called Villa Belgiojoso


Arc of the Peace Arc of the Peace   Made to build from Napoleone in Sempione Plaza, it is turned toward Paris.  
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