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For the economic, industrial, financial and cultural importance, modern and comforting hotel structures exist for the Tourism Milan.

The territory is level, characterized by a continental climate with cold winters and warm and sultry summers. And' possible to autonomously visit the metropolis or participating in the numerous visits driven for the Tourism Milan organized on the spot. Capital of the fashion of the shopping and the finance lives in preview all the tendencies.

To reach milanIn automobile or in bus crossing her comfortable highways connected to the two Milanese bypass roads. In train considered the notable development of the railway net and the importance of the Central Station. In airplane disembarking to the airport of Linate placed to alone 7 kilometers by the center, or to the international airport of distant Malpensa around 45 kilometers from the city.

To according to some type of stay is possible to choose the position of the hotels, in proximity of the center to visit monuments and museums, along the bypass roads to effect rapid and fast moves in the places of the outskirts, in the proximities of the airports of Linate and Malpensa or in the zone of the fair of milan on the occasion of the principal fair demonstrations of the fashion, of the show and of the industry. You majority of the Hotels in Milan they prepare ample rooms stay, rooms and environments with climate, restaurant, salt tv, swimming pools, gym, tennis fields, room games, sauna, massages, solarium. In some modern structures it is it also foresees the diurnal and evening animation with games and music.

As it regards the price they exist convenient hotel considered the ample choice that the city offers. The periods with the tallest prices, are those in which the various fair demonstrations are developed or of fashion, from February to October.

Airport  Malpensa Airport Malpensa   is connected to the center in Milan through the Train Malpensa express, the international port is one of the most important of Europe.

Airport Linate Airport Linate   situated to around 7 Kms from the center in Milan it is attainable through the service taxi or the bus n. 73 of the ATM with terminal in Plaza St. Babila.

As it regards the tourism Milan, we remember among the principal monuments: Castle Sforzesco, Villa Reale, Cemetery Monument, Duomo, Building Marino , Building Brera, Building Reale, Galleria V. Emanuele and Arc of the Peace.

Arc of the Peace Arc of the Peace Made to build from Napoleone in Sempione Plaza, it is turned toward Paris. .  
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