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The past of the metropolis and its history rich in cultural events offer many museums to the tourist to visit.

List of the principal present museums to visitable milan with guides tourist companions escort.

museum milan: Aquarius Civico   Aquarius Civico in Avenue G.B. Gadio to the civ. n.°2, is open from the Tuesday to Sunday from the hours 9,30 to her times 17,30. Free Entry.  

Civic Museum of history natural Civic Museum of history natural Course Venice, 55 tel. 02 88463280 Had been opening for Tuesday to Friday from the hours 9,00 at 18,00 o'clock, Saturday and Festive inclusive. Free entry.

Cenacle Vinciano Cenacle Vinciano, It places Saint Maria of the Graces, 2 - tel. 02 89421146 Obligatory booking. Closed the day of Monday.

Pinacoteca of Brera Pinacoteca of Brera, 28, Brera street tel. 02 722631 Closed on Mondays.

Theatrical museum to the Scala Theatrical museum to the Scala, Building Busca - Raced Magenta, 71 tel. 02 4691528

Museum of the Duomo Museum of the Duomo - Plaza of the Duomo, 14 - Tel. 02 860358. Had been opening every day for the hours 9,30 at 12,30 o'clock and from the 15 to the 18. Characteristic the models of the 1519 Cathedral, he can admire besides sculptures, glass door and fragments removed from the Gothic Church for safety motives.

Pinacoteca Ambrosiana Pinacoteca Ambrosiana P.zza Pious XI, 2 tel. 02 806921 dam the Monday.

Civic Museums of art of the Castle Sforzesco Civic Museums of art of the Castle Sforzesco. It places Castle tel. 02 88463703 Free entry from Tuesday to Sunday from the hours 9 at 17,30 o'clock.

Civic Gallery of Modern art Civic Gallery of Modern art 16, Palestro street tel. 02 76002819

Civic Museum Archaeological Civic Museum Archaeological Magenta Course, 15 02 86450011 it picks up finds of Greek art, Etrusca and Roman. Free entry from Tuesday to Sunday with schedule 9,00 - 17,30.

 Museum of the science and the Technique Museum of the science and the Technique situated in By san Vittore, 21 - tel. 02 485551. it is composed 28 thematic sections among which that devoted to Leonardo. Opening from the hours 9.30 at 16.50 o'clock from Tuesday to Sunday.

House   Boschi-Di Stefano Museum House Boschi-Di Stefano Museum 15, Jan street 02 20240568 free entrance from Wednesday to Sunday with schedule 14,00 - 18,00

museum milan: Aquarius Civico Civic Museum of the Risorgimento 23, Borgonuovo street 02 88464170 free entry had been opening for Tuesday to Sunday with the hourly following 9,00 13,00 and 14,00 - 17,30.

Museum Manzoniano Museum Manzoniano Casa of the Manzoni 1, Morone street 02 86460403 closed Mondays Saturday and Sunday, open in the other days from the hours 9.00-12.00 and 14.00-16.00.

Museum of the Cinema and Italian Kinetics Museum of the Cinema and Italian Kinetics Building Dugnani, 2/b Manin Street 02 6554977 open Fridays Saturday and Sunday from the 15.00-18.30.

museum milan: Aquarius Civico Monumental cemetery Square Monumental Cemetery tel. 02 6599938

Civic Planetarium Civic Planetarium "ULRICO HOEPLI" Raced Venice 57, 02 88463340 driven exploration of the starry sky.

Among the other present museums in Milan they remember him: Museum Diocesiano Course of Door Ticinese, 95 tel 02 89404714. Chapel Portinari S. Eustorgio plaza, 1 tel 02 89402671. Treasure of Sant'Ambrogio and Mosaics It places Sant'Ambrogio tel. 02 86450895 had been opening every day for the hours 9,30 at 12 o'clock and from the 14,30 to the 18. Closed on Mondays morning. . Museum of the Collector of art. Street Q. Sella, 4 tel. 02 72022488 weekly closing the Sunday.. Rest home for Musicians Giuseppe Verdi. It places Buonarroti 29, tel. 02 4996009 always open with schedule 10.00-12.00 / 14.00-17.00 free entry. Astronomic observatory of Brera. 28, Brera street tel. 02 50314680 closed Saturday and festive. Cultural good Cappuccini. Building Kramer, 5, Kramer Street tel. 02 77122321 visitable during the week from the 14.30 to the 18.30 entry free closing the Monday. Museum Messina. Ex church - 4/a, S.Sisto Street tel. 02 86453005. Museum Foundation Matalon I perforate Bonaparte 67, tel. 02 878781. I study Treccani Current foundation 5, C.Porta Street tel. 02 6572627. Poldi Pezzoli 12, Manzoni street tel 02 794889. Museum Bagatti Valsecchi Street S. Spirito, 10 tel 02 76006132. Royal building - Museum of the Palace It places Cathedral 12, tel 02 860165. I space Water 39 Cenisio street tel. 02 341523 Entry free closed Saturday and Sunday. Museum of the Toy and his/her Child Building of the Martinitts, 56, Pitteri street tel. 02 26411585 had been opening for Tuesday to Sunday from the 9.30-12.30 and from the 15.00-18,00. Domenica and festive free entry for his/her/their children. Museum Inter & Milan Stadium Meazza - St. Siro, Street Piccolomini n.° 5, Gate 4 tel. 02 4042432 Had been opening for Monday to Friday with schedule 10.00-18.00, during the carrying out of the games of kick the museum is closed. Botanical garden. Institute of Applied General Physics 28, Brera Street tel. 02 50314696 closed Saturday and festive. Museum People and Cultures. street Mosč Bianchi, 94 tel. 02 438201 free visit. Museum of art Paul Pini. 45, Ippocrate street tel. 02 64445325. Foundation Minguzzi. 11, Palermo street tel. 02 8051460.


Museums: Arc of the Peace Arc of the Peace   Made to build from Napoleone in Sempione Plaza, it is turned toward Paris.  
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