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The origins and the modern society. Escort Milan.
The principal center of the lombardia is situated in the immense lowland padana among the rivers Ticino and Adda in the part western center. The metropolis had beginning in the history as ancient Celtic village subsequently conquered by the Romans. The Roman empire of west founded her/it as capital attributing him the name of mediolanum from which it derives the origin of the actual name. The climate to milan is typically continental with cold winters and warm summers and a middle temperature that it varies from a centigrade degree in winter to the twenty-four in the summer. Today the chief town has become an important political, economic, industrial and financial center.

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The places to be visited for the tourist, monuments, churches, what cultural center. The Hotels, the Restaurants whether to taste the typical kitchen, the places of relaxation and diversion, escort and companions.
The cinemas, the theaters and the museums. Tourist itineraries for the visitor with companions to learn the cultural and historical characteristics. The numerous historical and characteristic coffees to be frequented the evening, open actually to late night.
Stays and excursions Milan escort, companions, hotels, restaurants, meetings in the center, in the outskirts and in the province

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The shops and the business centers to effect the shopping: "Milan escort, companions, hotels, restaurants, meetings" the cafes and the discos to MILAN, escort, chat, restaurants, meetings
Chat newsletter e il forum on the metropolitan city. Itineraries of visit, Escort Companions of milan descriptions detailed of the places of tourist interest in the lombardia the earth of the great horizons, fourth Italian region for surface and first for density of population. Pivot of the territory results milan where history and modernity, fun and job are melted.

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