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To reach the international airport of Linate from the center of milano is possible to use the service of bus number 73 of the Firm you Transport Milanese, in departure from the terminal of Plaza St. Babila all days from the 5,35 at 0,35 o'clock, with a frequency of 10 minutes around. The distance of 7 kilometers is crossed at least in 25 minutes. In alternative to arrive to the airport of Linate to take the classical Taxis. The buses of the STAM in departure every 30 minutes from the 6 at 23,30 o'clock guarantee the connection with the Central Station however. The airport of Linate is also connected away bus with Malpensa (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2), Pavia and Brescia.

To arrive to the Milanese airport of Linate from the zone in Turin needs to take the Highway A4 Torino-Milano, to take in Milan on the East Bypass road and to actually follow the indications to the exit Airport Linate. From the Liguria to cross the Highway A7 Genova-Milano, and to introduce him to Milan on the West Bypass road up to the release for the East Bypass road, following the indications him arrives to the airport of Linate. Regions give oriental to use the Highway A4 Venezia-Milano, to come on the East Bypass road and likewise to follow the indications. For further information to consult the Society Highways to the toll-free number 1518 to Travel informed.

 milan: airport Linate Around 4.500 they are the places useful auto to directly park the vehicle in the airport, in the immediate proximities from the departures or from the arrivals. They also exist, near the airport of Linate, some additional services devoted as the telephone bookings, the parking place top car, the subscriptions, the auto washing, the mechanical reparations and also the move of the auto from Linate to Malpensa and vice versa. Further information can directly be in demand near the offices of the SEA Parking to the following telephone number: 02.74852934

Different places of the Lombardy, of the Piemonte, of the Liguria and of Switzerland they are connected through services of bus with the airport.

Daily qualified personnel performs controls on the baggages, on the passengers, on the airplanes and on the commodities with the purpose to guarantee the safety of your trip. To facilitate these controls they are remembered the objects that are not admitted as hand baggage for law or of hold. The transport is not allowed the baggage from hold for the following objects: compressed gas (inflammable, not inflammable, cooled, poisonous what the butane, oxygen, propane and oxygen for aqualungs) produced corrosive explosives (for es. fires of artifice, rockets, ammunition, bullets of gun) mercury thermometers substances that to contact with the water they send forth gas inflammable infectious substances (for es. bacterias and alive virus) poisonous substances (insecticides, herbicides, arsenic and cyanide) material radioactive substances oxiding devices of alarm it is not possible the transport in the hand baggage of the following objects: You arm toy; slingshots; silver wares; knives; razor blades; job utensils; scissors; batons for sporting use. To transport with you these objects it is necessary to directly close them in suitcase and to embark them in the hold of the airplane.

To spend a night next to the airport of Linate the following Hotels they are signalled:

Via Buozzi, 4
20068 Peschiera Borromeo (1.3 Km da Linate)
tel. 02.5537771 fax 02.55300708

Via Buozzi, 2
20068 Peschiera Borromeo (1.8 Km da Linate)
tel. 02.5536001 fax. 02.55302980

Via Turati, 2
20068 - Peschiera Borromeo (MI)
tel. 02.5471290 fax. 02.5471460

Via F. Baracca, 2
20090 Segrate MI (2.300m da Linate)
tel. 02.70200009 fax 02.7561294

via Fratelli Cervi, 1 fraz. Milano 2
20090 Segrate MI (7km da Linate)
tel. 02.2175 fax 02.26410115

Via G. Di Vittorio, 39 fraz. Plasticopoli
20068 Peschiera Borromeo MI (3Km da Linate)
tel. 02.5475031 fax. 02.55300610

To rent an auto is possible to ask to the following present companies to the plan arrivals. AUTO EUROPA 02.70208154 AVIS 199.100133 EASYCAR 02.7020.82.61 EUROPCAR 800.014410 HERTZ 199.112211 MAGGIORE 02.717210 SIXT 02.70200268 TARGA RENT 02.7560392 THRIFTY-ITALY BY CAR 02.76110234 TIRRENO

To make check-in at least a hour before the schedule of departure of the flight for the departures of National flights. While for the international flights they are in demand at least 2 hours of advance on the departures. The Society that manages the ports of the airports of Linate and Malpensa calls SEA. Linate and Malpensa include an airport system that guarantees to the citizens and the economic operators a vast offer of aerial connections in Italy, in Europe and all over the world.


Malpensa flights Arc of the Peace   Made to build from Napoleone in Sempione Plaza, it is turned toward Paris.  
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