The Duomo
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The Duomo

The Duomo
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The Duomo

The Duomo - milan Stupendous for the vision of his/her structure and for the decorations, the Duomo in Milan has become the symbol of the city. The top of the most greater steeple is crowned by the statue in gilded copper of the famous Madonnina, built in 1774 and tall around 4 meters. The building is entirely dressed again of rosy white marble, coming from it gets by of Candoglia, on the Most greater Lake a good example of Gothic style is held. Externally around 3400 statues and splendid glass door they decorate the cathedral, while to the inside from the flooring in marble they get up 52 suggestive pillars that together with the walls of the perimeter they constitute the carrying skeleton of the building.

The construction of the Duomo in Milan was begun in 1386 and finished in 1966. The concluded façade in 1813, offers its image with the outline characterized by windows of classical sketch in style neogotico. In Italy it is the most greater construction of international Gothic architecture, characterized by the fusion of northern elements and lombardi. Not to lose the visit to the Apse where the relic of the Sacred is found Nail of the Cross in the summit of the time, to the funeral monument of Gian Giacomo Medici, to the presbytery restructured in the second halves the ‘500, to the treasure, to the portal of the southern sacristy, to the portal of the northern sacristy of Giacomo da Campione.

Of particular interest they are the archaeological excavations paleocristiani placed to around 4 meters under the level of the of the church square and the slope to the balconies of the roof with ample sight on milano, to the spectacular body octagon of the triburio and in the serene days the beautiful sight of the Alps. Positioned in the geometric center in Milan, the Duomo occupies a surface of around 11.500 mqs., it is wide 93 meters and along 158. Numerous steeples surmount the building, the most elevated is tall 109 meters. Before the church rises the equestrian monument devoted to Vittorio Emanuele.



Arc of the Peace Arc of the Peace   Made to build from Napoleone in Sempione Plaza, it is turned toward Paris.  
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