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The tourism to milan offers some splendid churches to visit, characteristics for their history.

Following the principal churches are signalled by to visit with tourist companions to know the past and their mysteries.

Basilica of S.Ambrogio
It places Sant'Ambrogio 25,
tel.02 8057310
daily opening from the 9.30 at 12 o'clock and from the 14.30 at 18.00 o'clock. The church is affirmed during the centuries among the Milanese places endowed with greater symbolic meaning. Founded in 379 and transformed during the X century it came partly reconstructed beginning from 1080 in Romanesque forms with aisles and before atrium. The church is preceded by four porticos to rectangular plant with parvis on three sides. Tall pillars hold up arcs to double ferrule with the graven capitals, in the left portal it is present a relief of the Roman epoch with the figure S.Ambrogio. The inside of the church is constituted by three aisles. That plant is separated in four spans and detaches in the left part in proximity of the fourth pillar a column isolated regent a snake in bronze, Byzantine work of the X century. To remember the Pulpit, the Ciborium, the gold altar and the Treasure of S.Ambrogio that it picks up precious heirlooms of the history of the Basilica with paintings, mosaics, plotted, marbles and tapestries.

Churches milan The Duomo.
Situated in the center in Milan in the homonym plaza has become the symbol in Milan. The Gothic church devoted Maria Nascente to Saint is the third church in the world for capacity with 40.000 people, built where the church of Saint Maria Maggiore rose. The Cathedral is long 158 meters, wide 93 and with the most greater steeple it reaches a height of 108 meters, to the outside introduces around 3400 statues and of the splendid glass door. On the most greater steeple it is present her "Madonnina", a statue in copper tall around 4 meters. And' possible to climb to the terraces afoot or in elevator in the pre-arranged schedules. To remember the visit to the Museum of the Duomo.

St. Simpliciano
it places St. Simpliciano 7,
tel.02 862274
Founded in 300 by Sant'Ambrogio, structurally modified during the tim.

Saint Maria of the Carmine
plaza of the Carmine, 2
tel.02 86463365
Situated in front of the paved plaza the church goes up again to four hundred. The new fašade was realized in 1880 on planning of Maciachini. Schedules of visit: times give 8,30 at 12 o'clock and from the 15,30 to the 19.

St. Nazaro Maggiore
Course of Door Roman tel.02 58307719

Saint Maria of the Graces
it places Saint Maria of the Graces, 2 tel.02 48014148 Beautiful fifteenth-century Church. Schedules of visit: times give 8 at 12 o'clock and from the 15 to the 19.

it places Sant'Eustorgio, tel.02 58101583. Characteristic Basilica of the You century with the erect bell tower in the XII sec. In this place Sant'Eustorgio brought the relics of the magis, moved by the Barbarossa to 1164 to Colony. Schedules of visit: times give 8,30 at 12 o'clock and from the 15,30 to the 19.

Saint Maria near St. Satyr
3, Speronari street tel.02 874683 Consecrated to the brother of Sant' Ambrogio. To visit for the artistic beauties and the stupendous frescos.

San Marco
it places St. Mark 2 tel.02 29002598

San Lorenzo Maggiore
Course of Door Ticinese tel.02 89404129 Famous for the mosaics of the IV sec. placed in the chapel of Sant' Aquilino.


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