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Castle Sforzesco

Castle Sforzesco - milan Situated immediately out of the medieval boundaries the Castle Sforzesco f¨ founded by the Viscounti in 1300 with the name of Door Giovia, because built along the medieval boundaries in Milan. In the inclusive period between the the 1360 and the 1370 Galeazzo II Viscounti it built the defensive fortress for the residence.

Constituted by a great north park of the building, the Castle Sforzesco has a square plant with the side of 180 meters and four angular towers. During the history there were attempts of destruction, in 1476 during her "Golden Republic", but Francis Sforza made to reconstruct for making the abode. The castle in the time has suffered jobs of modernization and amplification to every change of regime: before the Moor up to 1499, then later under the Spanish dominion to halves 1500, up to French in 1800, while in 1880 the architect Luca Beltrami began a depth restauration.

The fašade of the Castle is dominated from the tower called of the Filarete where he enters the Plaza of weapons, that guards the rests of the ancient demolished constructions. The tower of Bona of Savoia, the Rocchetta in the left part, was the place where the castellanis withdrew him in the moments of danger. Surrounded on three sides by a parvis, the Rocchetta it guards the room of the treasure, with the famous one "Argo" painted by the Bramante. The Ducal Court, constituted by a to follow him of salt richly and decorated it was the usual residence of the castellanis.Among the best characteristics her "Sala della Asse", one of the Milanese works attributed to Leonardo.



Arc of the Peace Arc of the Peace   Made to build from Napoleone in Sempione Plaza, it is turned toward Paris.  
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